Keychron K3 RGB Hot-Swap Optical Gateron Brown

Keychron K3 RGB Hot-Swap Optical Gateron Brown
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Brand: Keychron
1249 SEK
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ETT ULTRA-SLIM TRÅDLÖSTMEKANISKT TANGENTBORD ULTRA-SLIMThe redesigned low profile switch is 40% slimmer than conventional switches. Together with the streamlined aluminum body makes the K3 one of the thinnest and lightweight wireless mechanical keyboards in the world. WIRELESS AND WIREDConnects via Bluetooth and switch among them easily. Featuring Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, the K3 offers flawless connectivity whether you’re working at home or the office while connecting with your smartphone, laptop and iPad. Gateron Optiska BrytareKeychron K3 finns med tre olika typer av Gateron-brytare. Röd, Blå eller Brun. Se nedan för att mer detaljer samt ett ljudtest.